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I am always open to having motivated students join the lab for graduate study. We have ongoing projects in southern California, the Gulf of Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Arctic, covering the full range of marine mammal species.  The lab collects and processes large volumes of acoustic data to access the presence of marine mammals and at times anthropogenic noise.  I usually ask my student to take undergraduate math beyond calculus - at least differential equations, integral equations and linear algebra.  They also take graduate level signal processing, and it is helpful if they gain experience with computer programming (e.g. MATLAB). Please look at our publications ( to get a sense of our recent projects.


I have worked with students both from the Scripps Graduate Department and from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD.  Admissions decisions are made by committees in each department. Successful applications typically have excellent grades, outstanding GRE scores, and evidence of research experience.  Top-ranked students may have published papers from their undergraduate studies.  I am looking for students who are comfortable both with studies in biological oceanography and with math-physics and signal processing. Understanding of ocean science and behavioral ecology gives the student the background to ask meaningful questions; understanding of underwater sound, engineering and signal processing gives the student the tools needed to seek answers. If you write me, please send a brief essay about why you're interested in studying sound and marine mammals, and include your GPA and GRE scores and information on any papers, talks or research you've done.  I supervise both graduate Masters and PhD students although my lab and Scripps in general has more PhD students than Masters students. Applications are due 15 December, and please also contact me directly if you are interested in joining the lab.


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