Kait Fraiser

Assistant Project Scientist


Curriculum Vitae


       Ph.D., Biological Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD,        2015.

       B.S., Honors Marine Biology, Minor Chemistry, Oregon State University Honors        College, 2006.

       B.A., International Studies, Oregon State University Honors College, 2006.

Research Interests:

       I am interested in learning how biologically and environmentally important information can be extracted from and synthesized across the increasingly large datasets generated by today’s scientific observation tools. As part of passive acoustic research we collect large amounts of broadband recordings all over the world. I’m particularly interested in using data analysis techniques developed in other fields to interpret these rich datasets effectively and efficiently.

Current projects include:

- Classification of marine mammal vocalizations using network analysis and natural language processing techniques.

- Synthesis of historical visual and acoustic survey data to improve marine mammal population monitoring.

- Estimating toothed whale densities using high frequency echolocation signals.