Southern Ocean GLOBEC

The area that was the focus of the study was Marguerite Bay, on the central Western Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf. During the first, field work, part of the project, as a part of the predator group, we were trying to understand how distribution of baleen whales relates to characteristics of krill in the area. We used 8 Acoustic Recording Packages (ARPs) for continuous acoustic monitoring of baleen whales over a period of 2 years, plus 1 ARP (deployed at location 1) for an additional year. We also participated in survey cruises of the area during the fall and winter of 2001 and 2002, during which we opportunistically deployed sonobuoys and were able to couple acoustic data with the ship-based visual surveys (conducted in collaboration with the IWC observers) and other environmental data collection. We also participated in a research cruise conducted by the British Antarctic Survey and deployed an ARP and sonobuoys in the Scotia Sea.

During the second part of the project, we participated in the synthesis phase of the GLOBEC project. We investigated the feasibility of using environmental data collected during SO GLOBEC cruises, to predict the occurrence of calling blue and fin whales.

Our primary goals during the project were:
        - To determine calling patterns, minimum population estimates, seasonality, and
          distribution of baleen whales, blue and fin whales in particular, in this area of the
          Antarctic. (Part I)
        - To link the baleen whale acoustics with physical and biological characteristics of this
          ecosystem. (Part II)

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The SO GLOBEC project is now complete. Please refer to the following reports and publications for further information on the results of this study.

Sirovic et al 2004 DSRII
Thiele et al 2004 DSRII
Sirovic et al 2006 JCRM
Sirovic 2006 Dissertation
Sirovic et al 2007 JASA
Sirovic et al 2009 MMS
Sirovic et al Accepted DSRII

Cruise Reports:
        - GLOBEC I
        - GLOBEC II
        - Mooring Cruise 2002
        - GLOBEC III


































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Credit: Ana Širovic