San Clemente Island
San Clemente Island
        The work done at San Clemente Island is carried out in association with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), with the goal of improving the localization and classification system they have developed for use on the Navy SCORE range. Working in small boats, observers are directed to locations where the NUWC M3R software indicates the presence of vocalizing marine mammals. Our observers then corroborate that location, and in addition record species, group size and behavior for each group encountered.

        This project is focused primarily on the detection of beaked whales in the range, as well as the simultaneous recording of surface behavior with vocalizations of delphinid groups to further understand their use of the region.
        Small high frequency drop arrays are used on this project, with a sampling frequency of 200 kHz. The SCORE range also has 80 seafloor hydrophones in a 25 km grid that have a sampling frequency of 80 kHz.

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Chief Scientists for this project are John Hildebrand and Elizabeth Henderson.

        Cascadia Research (John Calambokidis, Erin Falcone, Greg Schorr, and Annie Douglas).


























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Credit: Greg Campbell