Triton Software Package
       There were two primary goals with the development of Triton. The first was to provide a tool which can be used to evaluate acoustic data recorded by Acoustic Recording Packages (ARPs), and more recently High-frequency Recording Packages (HARPs). These data are typically single channel, long duration (up to one year), continuous and scheduled duty-cycle time series. The time series data are often transformed to the spectral domain for evaluation as power spectra, spectrograms and Long Term Spectral Averages (LTSA). Triton provides the necessary tools to quickly review a large data set via an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).
       The second goal was to provide a basis for additional features and enhancements. For example, event detection and classification algorithms are currently being developed for use with Triton, utilizing Triton’s data management tools and GUI.

Triton was programmed and tested with MATLAB 2013b. For more information on Triton, please see the Triton User Guide (v 1.92).

Download Triton source code m-files from our ftp server:

Version 1.81 (logger):

Version 1.93 (New & Includes Logger Remora):

Credit: Sean Wiggins